Angry, Anxious, and Awake

Angry, Anxious, and Awake

Has this ever happened to you? You are sitting home on some errant Friday when the Supreme Court suddenly voted to take away your rights, take away rights from necessary government agencies, or extend further rights protecting irresponsible gun ownership. Now you are angry, anxious, and unable to sleep. You stick your head in the stand because all news is bad news. Now the downward spiral impacts your relationships and the little bit of patience you had is completely drowned out by dread and disbelief. Then this cycle begins impacting your way of life. Yep... us too.

Unfortunately there isn't some simple fix to the overwhelming and inescapable concern for the future of our democracy, society, and even planet. However, there are some ways to focus locally rather than globally. Every step towards progress in your community makes a definitive impact globally, even if that impact seems infinitesimal. Every action you do make is noticeable and has an impact. Don't try to feel better by ignoring the world, feel better by doing that random mundane act that most people are willing to do, but choose not to.

Here are some ideas on ways you can support your community or the global community!

Ideas for how to spend your time

Be sure to take care of yourself as well. If you are letting your healthy habits fall by the way side during these troubling times, you are creating a feedback loop. Take care of yourselves and please try to find the joy in engaging locally to provide global change.

Thank you for reading. As always, please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions.